The Whirling Dervish

Yesterday afternoon we had a visit from one of my best friends, with her son, and it was lovely to see them both. When they arrived Joshua was dozing on the settee, lazily watching his show. But he came into the snug to say hello and see what the noise was about. He then proceeded for the next hour or so to try to distract us from talking to each other by employing all of his best attention-seeking tactics:

He started at a low level : standing between us so that she could no longer see me, while he lifted his t shirt to flash his tummy at her. Then he sat next to me,messing with the dog then holding his hand over my mouth to prevent me from talking and crossing his legs but kicking me in the process. Neither of those techniques worked so he went back to his den where he slammed the door  repeatedly to make me come running to jam it with a cushion. Then he went upstairs where he rattled the landing door, trying to get into his bedroom, so I let him in. But he didn’t really want to stay there alone, so he came back down again. He came back into our room, picked up a biro and began scribbling on he table cloth, until I brought him some paper. He smacked himself on the head, so I put his epilepsy helmet on so that he did not hurt himself, so then he went between us, pulling at his chin strap and pleading with his eyes to have it removed. Then he went into the hall, where he began to hit the mirror with our house phone until I retrieved it and sat him back down, He had ants in his pants, could not stay in the same place for more than 5 seconds as he employed all of his varied strategies.

Joshua tried every trick that he had in the book to attempt to stop us talking to each other and give him some attention instead. His range of tactics were pretty effective and he clearly wanted to be the focal point and was not content with just being brought into our conversation.  Once my friend had left, he resumed quietly watching his DVD in the den as though the last hour had never happened. I made him his tea and then he had a bath, so he had my undivided attention , and so all was well again in Joshua’s world. Although he kept me busy, up and down after him, it is still better to see him engaging and trying to get involved, than in the old days when he would have been too sleepy to even notice we had guests, let alone be so creative in his distraction techniques and it was all done with a cheeky grin on his face – there was no doubt that he knew exactly what he was doing.

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