Get Ready, Get Set

Joshua is unable to tell me if he feels unwell and so I need to be a detective on that score and be vigilant on his behalf. Yesterday morning I had to wake him up at 7.45 which is unusual as he normally appears when he hears my husband come downstairs. Once he was awake, he was cheery enough but as I was in the bathroom, getting his toothbrush ready, I heard a deep male voice say ‘hello’ and I thought we had a stranger in the house. Then I realised that it was a hoarse Joshua and that he had a sore throat. This was confirmed when he took an age to chew each spoonful of Weetabix for his breakfast,so it took forever. So I gave him some Calpol and I rescued the home/school diary, which I had completed before he was awake, to warn his teacher that he may be feeling unwell.

Of course I was sad that he might be feeling ill but my heart sank particularly, as he is due in respite this weekend and we are going away, and illness, particularly a high temperature, are triggers for his seizures. So my mind immediately leapt from sore throat, to bad cold, to seizures and then to an A&E admission with us out of the country. It is already a big deal to be so far away, as I have to trust others to take care of Joshua on my behalf. I will still call every night as I always do, but I know that I will not be able to jump in my car and be there in 15 minutes as I did during his last stay when he fell out of bed. I have three emergency contacts standing in : Yorkshire Grandma, my best friend and my sister and so I know they will do whatever is needed as they all love Joshua too. and they will all be nearer than we will be.

Instead of worrying about something that I cannot control – Joshua’s health and seizures – I now need to focus on packing everything that he needs with him , all that we need to take with us and leave everything that the pets need while we are away with Yorkshire Grandma in charge. I have lists galore so that I do not forget anything and I am sure I will be ready by tomorrow evening when we set sail and head off for our birthday adventure.

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