Weekend Adventure

We are using this respite weekend to do things that we could not easily do with Joshua with us. We caught a ferry overnight on Thursday night : we had a drink on deck, then a leisurely evening meal from an all you can eat buffet. So I could choose what I wanted to eat, then eat it while it was still warm without having to help Joshua first. We went to our cabin for an hour nap before going to watch a film at the onboard cinema. So we had a fun and relaxing night then slept well.

After breakfast, we packed up our panniers and got on our bicycles. We rode 22 miles in total to get to our hotel – but luckily Holland is flat! We made two stops along the way : one for a coffee after 8.5 miles and another for an early pancake lunch at 10.5 miles . Rain was threatened but it managed to stay away until the evening and we arrived at our hotel after the 1 pm checkin time. We had numb bottoms and stiff legs but we were pleased with ourselves at how much we achieved, even though we had to take another siesta to recover.

We browsed some shops and my husband had an ice cream and we sat in a cafe in the town square watching a wedding party, and it was all very relaxing. Without Joshua we make all the choices on what we want to do next and when and we can sit people watching as long as we like , without being dragged onwards to the next place. We enjoyed the music of a live band while we ate a delicious tea in a restaurant on the terrace of the market square.

I rang up after our evening meal to hear that Joshua had been ‘full of it’ so that was reassuring and I was able to go to sleep contented that we’d all had a fun day and night.

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