My Birthday

Yesterday was my 53rd birthday and I was thoroughly spoiled to be on holiday yet to have so many people wish me well in both birthday cards – which I put up around our hotel room- and in messages by email and social media. 28 th September has been a special date all of my life and I use the phrase ‘well it is my birthday’ all day long to treat myself. We ate out both for lunch and tea and we shopped, did sightseeing and we rested too so it was a lovely day.

Yesterday was also a time for reflection : my first birthday without Mum here in my life . But my sister and Aunts tried their best to fill the void. I wore a new butterfly brooch and necklace all day long do that helped to make Mum feel much closer. I pondered about the fun we have had on my past birthdays – mum came with us to Majorca for a week for my 50 th for example and all the birthday parties she organised for me as a child. On my 21st birthday , Mum organised a magnificent chocolate cake shaped like a woolly brown sheep. When I’d asked she said she felt very old when her baby turned 50 and she thought there must be some mistake .

But I also reflected on the future too, as I plan to retire in just two more years. Joshua will be 20 then and we will have more freedom to go where we want, when , as he will not be tied by school terms then. I have worked in the same role, for the same company , since 1990, so that is for almost half of my life. So I need to start planning how I will spend my retirement too, doing the things that work prevents me from doing now. So it feels like an exciting time in many ways, I am on the brink of the next stage of my life.

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