Mission Accomplished

Yesterday we had the bike ride back to the ferry to look forward to and we knew that the forecast was for wind and rain all day long. Last year we had got lost on the way back to the port and we had only arrived as they were closing the ferry and so we were determined to learn from that. So we set off as soon as we had checked out of the lovely hotel, leaving ourselves plenty of time, and to use my husbands phone to have expert navigation.

The weather was exactly as forecast and for much of the twenty mile cycle we were pushing into driving rain and wind, which was really hard work. So I was grateful not to take any wrong turns and have to do extras. We stopped for lunch around halfway , where we could dry off and rest awhile. We felt that we deserved pudding so we shared a pancake before resuming our wet ride.

We arrived at the ferry at 4 ish but my legs couldn’t cycle me up to the top of the car ramp, I had to push my bike and luggage for the final ascent. Our knees objected to the stairs up to our cabin too. Once in our cabin, we were relieved to get out of our wet things and I climbed into bed for a rest, and fell asleep almost immediately.

When I woke up, I saw the best photographs of Joshua that had been emailed to me from his respite provision. He had been bowling and the images clearly showed that he was engaged and having a really fun time. So his respite weekend had been a success : he has had fun, with no incidents so his emergency contacts can stand down, and we pushed ourselves with our cycling endeavours and had enjoyed ourselves at our beautiful destination too. All in all, a huge success. Now it’s time to plan some more adventures for future respite weekends.

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