I have never been any good at crafts –  at drawing, painting or making things, that is simply not one of my talents. My sister was always the one who liked to make the things that were demonstrated on Blue Peter, while I never had the patience. I can recall when we had to send a Fruit Friend into school, I was stumped and took Joshua around to a friend’s house where we had free access to her ‘Craft Cupboard’. so we could stick googly eyes, woolen hair and pipe cleaner arms onto a pear While I enjoy baking, I have never tried cake decorating to create  showstoppers like on the Great British Bake Off, as my focus is more on making it taste good, rather than on how something looks.

But that is not to say that I am not creative; I simply express my creativity in different ways: I enjoy writing ,and the use of language, which is the reason why I write this blog. I enjoy expressing myself, to try to get an idea across, to encourage people to think and to share our experiences. But I also enjoy letter writing, which is a disappearing art, rapidly being replaced by the email. While I do send emails regularly, I still find that there is something special about receiving a hand written letter, that somebody has taken the time to write and post. I am making a start on my birthday thank you letters this weekend. I had two gifts thus year that were homemade,and they are extra-special as again, they show a commitment of time and care that is much more personal than a shop-bought present.

But I also enjoy being creative in the kitchen. I bought two new shapes cookie cutters while away last weekend as I am always on the look out for fun new ones : I bought a pig and a daschund shaped cutter. So I was thrilled yesterday to try them out and to make my usual shortbread biscuits in these fun shapes  and they turned out really well. We had enjoyed a delicious meal of chicken satay last weekend while in Holland and so I found a recipe to re-create the dish myself for the first time. While I enjoy making my favourite, familiar dishes, it is also satisfying to create something new that is tasty, that I can add to my repertoire. So yesterday I had quite a creative day in the kitchen.

Music is probably the extent of Joshua’s creativity, as he has inherited his parents lack of talent in  arts and crafts, coupled with his short attention span and love of throwing things, so he would not thank you for an afternoon of making things. I know when he brings paintings or home-made cards or cooking home from school, that they are barely his own work or that he has been really encouraged to stay on task, as it is not where his interest or skills lie. Whereas, he will happily strum a guitar for ages or play on a keyboard. There are many different ways to express creativity, and I hope still to find more that appeal to Joshua.

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