Out of Control

I set off for work as usual around 8.45 yesterday, but nothing else was normal about my day after that. Our road is narrow and so when I saw another car approach, I pulled into the verge near our neighbour’s house. They have large rocks on their verge, as do we, to keep cars off their grass. Unfortunately as I pulled in, I was right in front of one of these boulders but as it was just in front of my bonnet, I did not see it and so I drove off again with it underneath my car. I dragged it along the road a short while and then it must have got jammed underneath as it tipped my car up and my car landed in their 8 foot ditch, facing the opposite direction than I was travelling in. The side airbags went off and with the driver’s side facing down in a stream, I had to climb up to get out of the passenger’s side. Fortunately the oncoming car saw everything and he was our neighbour, and he helped me out of the car as he was concerned that it might set on fire.

I was very wobbly and dazed when I got out, unable to comprehend what had happened as I had not been driving at any speed and I have driven down our lane several times a day for the last 24 years without incident. The airbag or seat belt had caught my neck, but otherwise I was uninjured, just very shaken. We discussed what he had seen and took photographs of the road, the boulder and my car, to show the insurance company. I called my husband to tell him I had had an accident and he left work immediately and came home to see me. Once I felt steadier, I walked home, just up the road and rang the office to explain where I was and the insurance company. This was our first Motability car, which we got just 18 months ago, so I called Motability to report my accident and find out how I should go about getting the car out of the ditch, which involved a call to the RAC for recovery services.

When my husband arrived, we walked back down to the car and I re-enacted the accident for him and we rang the neighbour’s doorbell to let them know that my car was in their ditch and that I was OK. While we were around the vehicle, lots of concerned drivers passed, slowed down to take a look and ask if I was OK. Given that I was not driving quickly, the car had a visibly damaged bonnet where it had made impact with the ditch, two wrecked wheels and tyres and there wold be untold damage underneath the car. The recovery men were convinced that it will be written off but we have to wait to hear what the garage think once they have examined it.

Once I was back home, the accident reported to the insurance company, drinking a mug of tea, my imagination began to speculate about how it could have been much worse : I might have been injured and unable to get myself out, the car might have caught fire or I could have had Joshua with me in the passenger seat and he would have been very frightened and we would have struggled to get him out and as I would have been stuck behind him, I would have been unable to help him. But none of these things happened, nobody was hurt – though I felt achy all over – , nobody else was involved and the car will be taken care of. I was on the telephone what seemed like most of the day and my courtesy car will be arriving this morning.

That is certainly not how I envisaged my day going, but I am here still, fighting another day.

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