In the wars

At first when I woke up yesterday , I was relieved that I did not hurt more after my car accident but as I started to move around, I realised that I  ached all down my right side and that I could not move very quickly, stairs were proving to be a particular challenge. Getting Joshua dressed ready for school, involves quite a lot of bending and he tends to lean on me quite a lot, but we managed that. But after I had brushed his teeth, he gave me a big hug/squeeze around my neck which made me squeal out, so I learnt to be wary of his hugs sadly.

I decided that I ought to go to the doctor to get checked out, as several people had told me that I should, so I made an appointment for late morning.He had me do several exercises involving my arms and turning my head and concluded that ‘the power is still there but it is painful’ and is likely to be so for another 3 weeks, which was very disappointing. But it seems that I have not done any permanent damage to myself thankfully. I went from the surgery into work, to tell my colleagues all about what had happened and to do some work. But I was not comfortable sitting at my desk and i felt rather sick, so after two hours there, I came home again, had some lunch then went to bed.

Yorkshire Grandma met Joshua from his school taxi so I left her to it, but he seemed to like having us both around. I got waves as he led her off by the hand into his den. But I gave him a bath after she had gone, as he runs the taps as a clue to what he would like and he drains all the hot water away! after he had finished his bath and I had washed his hair, I was standing beside the bath when he began to have a seizure. I quickly saw what was happening and held his arm so that he did not risk going under the water as he did at the start of this year. I also immediately removed the plug to let the water begin to drain away. Once the worst of the seizures had passed, they slowed down so I was able to help him up and out in between fits, then we staggered together to  his bedroom. He had a few more small seizures sitting on his bed so I reached for the emergency medicine, showed it to him and watched and waited. To my relief he had no more and he curled up in his bed, exhausted. I lay next to him for a while just to be sure, but when he began snoring I came downstairs to make my tea, with the monitor turned right up so I could see and hear any movement.

I was halfway through eating, when I heard movement upstairs and when I looked at the monitor he was no longer in bed. So I got upstairs to meet him coming down to see me, his eyes bloodshot from the earlier seizures. He came and sat next to me in the snug while I finished my meal but then the seizures picked up again – he must have known they were coming and did not want to be alone. So this time I did not hesitate, and I administered his emergency medication and took him back upstairs while he could still walk. We lay together on his bed while it gradually took effect and all was calm again. I was so tired that I fell asleep with him, we were both in the wars yesterday so lets hope today is a better day.

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