Time for Myself

Joshua’s respite weekend could not have come at a better time, just two weeks after his last stay and once again we used the time he was away, to do things for us that would not suit Joshua. With my sister in law, we went for a spa day together.  We had the opportunity to swim, to use a sauna and jacuzzi before lunch. It was very relaxing and the timing  was perfect as the jets and the heat, helped my aching right hand-side. We ate lunch in our dressing gowns and then  bubbled away in a jacuzzi again, before enjoying a mud rasul. I was so relaxed after all of that, that I needed to have a lie down to recover.

We left the spa, to  let the dogs out after their boring day home alone , before heading out again for a fish and chip supper followed by a fun night watching a stand up comedian. So we had a full, fun-packed day together, once again doing things that Joshua would not have enjoyed. I called respite during the interval to hear all about his day and he too had had fun, going to the park. but when I called, he was tucked up in his bed. So everyone was happy and we are all very fortunate to have these opportunities.

Ordinarily it would not be our respite weekend at the end of the month, but that will be the start of the October half term holidays, so we brought it forward, as we will be on a family holiday then. We will be heading back where we were in the summer so will see if Joshua remembers the dodgems and basketball that he loved so much in August.  He has spent most October half terms of his life there, so it is a familiar, fun location that he has always loved.  But when we return from that holiday, at the start of November, we are always on the countdown towards Christmas. It is dark when we leave work and the shops and TV are full of festive cheer, so we tend to hurtle towards the end of the year from then on. This first Christmas without Mum is a daunting prospect and so I will be looking for ways to minimise the pain of loss.

But for now, I have a lazy Sunday to look forward to, while Joshua is being taken care of, so I can do whatever I please….

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