Wedding Anniversary

24 years ago today my husband and I got married, so we had an anniversary meal out yesterday while Joshua was still away at respite. It was a beautiful crisp, sunny day back in 1995 which made for some beautiful autumnal wedding photos, thankfully not a  wet and grey day like we have in 2019. I can recall waiting at my parents’ house with my Dad, once the wedding car had taken Mum and my three beautiful bridesmaids – all dressed in my favourite kingfisher colour – down to the church. We were both pacing about so I suggested that we shared a small nip of whiskey to calm our nerves and my Dad firmly told me ” Absolutely not!”

I can recall the whole day being such a happy one; whenever I looked up or turned around, there was someone that I loved waiting to hug or kiss me and to wish us well. I can remember grinning all day long and not wanting the day to end. Our wedding reception took place in a stunning country house hotel, on top of a hill overlooking our home town and surrounded by favourite country walks of ours. We chose a venue with a separate lounge area so that it was possible to retreat from the loud music, as my parents were not fans of dancing or music, they wanted to catch up with family and friends. Our best ‘man’ was my husband’s big sister and we had our sisters and my best fried from university as our bridesmaids. We married on my niece’s second birthday – so Happy Birthday 26th birthday Kathryn – and had two 2 year old nieces running around that day and another on one the way.

On that happy day, all those years ago, we had no idea what our  life together would bring us and of course, Joshua was not even a twinkle then. We had lived together for 5 years before we married, so my mother in law thought that we had got married to start a family immediately, but it was another 6 years before Joshua arrived. What a huge impact he has made on our lives and on our family. I know that he brought joy and love to my parents, but he must have brought some disappointment too, that he was not going to become the grandson that they had envisaged. If they were disappointed in how Joshua turned out, they never once showed or discussed it with me, they were nothing but loving and supportive grandparents until the day they both died. My parents gave me a great example of what a strong and happy marriage can be like and I am sure that they would be pleased as we celebrate our wedding anniversary today.


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