Precious Sleep

For the last 18 years, I have got used to very broken sleep . Joshua never slept through as a baby or child , we were usually up around 3 til 6 am or several times a night. Then the worst time by far was after his surgery in 2014 when after a seizure, Joshua would stay awake for 48 hours , roaming around the house looking like a zombie but unable to relax due to his electrically charged brain. It was very difficult to function on so little sleep- he would catch up on sleep at school once he recovered but that was a weekly occurrence for years.

Then Joshua started a new bedtime medication routine – he would have a new anti epileptic drug at bedtime plus a dose of melatonin to make him feel sleepy. It worked and for the last couple of years. Joshua has slept better than he’s ever done in his life. He is usually asleep around 9 pm and wakes between 7 and 8 am and his 3 am wandering only happen occasionally now.

But after 17 years of getting up in the night, my sleep pattern is distorted. Usually I wake up after 6 hours which is enough for me. I am wide awake and raring to go so I bake around 5 am, blog , write letters and plan. It is a creative two hours in the day when I only have the dogs for company and we often take an early walk. But one consequence of being a busy, early bird is that I am exhausted by 10 pm. I try to stay awake until 10.30 but 11 is a really late night for me!

Last night we were watching TV and it was after 11 before use t to bed. I never struggle to fall asleep, it’s instant. I woke at 3.30 and let the dogs out. I knew I had not had my quota of sleep as my eyes were still tired, so after pottering and reading for 30 minutes, I made myself go back to bed, rather than turning on my laptop. The next thing I knew , it was 8.25 and I’d enjoyed another deep sleep. Sleep is restorative and I think our bodies know how much we need.

Joshua went to bed after 9 but he’s had more than 12 hours sleep as he’s still sleeping now . He needs to catchup at the weekend from his busy school days. Just one more week of term and then he can lie in everyday for a week on holiday. Sleep heals and so he should be well rested when he finally wakes up.

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