Our Hometown

I heard on the radio twice yesterday, guests talking about being proud of where they lived and so I thought that I would follow that theme this morning. We have lived on the east coast of England for 30 years now, as my husband and I moved here from the North West, after graduating to follow my husband’s new job. The  relative flatness of the landscape was immediately evident, compared to the much hillier countryside that we were used to, but I have learned to love it for two reasons : My parents both commented on how large the sky seems here and I can appreciate now what they saw, and I do love the sunrises that I can see from my back door. Also for cycling and pushing a wheelchair, the lack of steep hills is a big bonus too for someone who is not very fit.

We have now lived in our current home for 24 of the 30 years that we have lived in the East, on the edge of a small seaside town. While we complain about the traffic created by influx of holiday-makers in the summer, who come to stay in their caravans in their droves, it is thanks to this tourist economy that we have the facilities that we can enjoy all year round : we have numerous options for eating out and for takeaways,  we have access to rowing on a lake, a children’s farm as our neighbour and even a rather tired  discount shopping outlet. But perhaps we are most fortunate to live by the sea so coastal walks are on our doorstep. It is not one of those turquoise seas with golden sand, due to the coastal erosion of the clay cliffs, but the dogs don’t mind the muddy-coloured salt water to splash in. or the sticky sand to run on.

Joshua has not known any other home town, or house for that matter, and when he was small, it provided numerous toddler groups for him, then his first nursery then primary school .   Now he travels 30 minutes to his special school, but he loves to visit the cafes in his home town and to walk along the prom and play in the amusements there.  It is a small town so he is  well-known here now and many of the staff at Tesco know him and make him feel very welcome. We enjoy ‘Switch On ‘ night at the end of November when the high street is blocked off for cars and the shops open late, offering festive refreshments and shopping opportunities and my husband loves a  homemade hotpot in the Methodist church.

So we are very fortunate to have settled here, I have worked for the same family firm for almost all of the time that we have lived here. We have been made very welcome and there are lots of advantages to living in such a sleepy seaside town, as it suits all of our family very well,

beach walk

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