Decision Time

This morning is one of those when I have to decide whether to send Joshua to school or not and I am still not sure what to do for the best : Last night he began fitting at the end of his bath, as has become a habit on a Thursday! I let the water out and held his head up out of the  disappearing water, while the seizures began to subside. Our cocker spaniel, Ruby, burst into the bathroom when she heard Joshua’s gutteral noises and she almost leapt into the bath with him. Fortunately as the water emptied, and I was just working out how to help my fitting son out of the bath, his Dad pulled onto the drive, home from work. I shouted at him out of the window to hurry and fetch the emergency medication upstairs with him. We lifted Joshua out between us – I held his feet and my husband had his head and shoulders and we carried him to his bedroom.

He continued to have seizures on his bed, so I administered the Midazolam . Ruby was so tuned into Joshua’s pain, she sat next to him throughout the seizures on his bed, like an attentive nurse. Gradually the seizures subsided, as the anesthetic began to take effect, and Joshua began to drift off into a deep sleep. Ruby and I sat watching him until we were both content that he was settled and the demon epilepsy had left him for another day.

He stayed in bed all night and I had the visual monitor trained on him to observe him. So now I have to decide whether or not to let him sleep it off this morning, or to get him up at 7.45 as usual and send him off to school for the last day of term. There are two reasons for him to go to school : it is the last day before the holidays and 6th form are having a halloween party and also,  it is today when they are taking school photographs. We have had them taken every year that he has been to school and so this final one, would complete the set. I recall that last year, he had been fitting on the way into school so he looked washed out on the photograph, in fact for most of his pictures he has been unwell : I can recall taking him into primary school, out of his sick bed, to have his school photograph taken.

But he may prefer to sleep it off, with a lie in and rest today , and just start his half term holiday a day early. I will need to decide how the day will pan out within the next half hour.

Joshua & Ruby

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