Joshua made it to school yesterday, even though he seems to have slept through most of the Halloween festivities, but he managed to smile for his annual school photograph and we are delighted with the result . I have no expectations that they will manage to take a beautiful portrait as it is often hard to get Joshua to look at a camera, let alone capture a smile, so they did a great job this year. Most years he has been unwell of photograph day I recall, starting right back in primary school : he had a bad cold and I had kept him at home I recall. They had called me up and asked me to bring him in, at least in his school sweatshirt, which I did and the end result was much better than I expected, you cannot tell that his nose was running and he had a high temperature as he looks like the picture of health:

First School Photo

Last year, he had seizures on the way into school and so he was really washed out by the time he was called for, and it shows in the photo too. After they had taken it, he dozed in his wheelchair in the coffee morning I recall so that I could keep an eye on him and then I brought him home with me as he was so lifeless. we bought the photograph anyway, even though it is not flattering, as my husband argued ‘who will buy it if we don’t?’.

There were several complaints about the school photographs on parent social media from disappointed parents, which surprised me. It is not easy to capture our children on film at the best of times, let alone when there is a time pressure to complete the whole school in a day. There can be no real time for posing and re-taking but thankfully we now have digital cameras and so I guess they can keep going until they can see that they have a decent picture. That clever technology also means that we are sent the proof to approve and order on the same day as they are taken. They managed to capture Joshua looking at the camera and laughing too, so that is an achievement in my book as I know how hard it can be.

Last School PhotoThese school photographs help to mark the passage of time, to track Joshua from chubby four year old to a tall,slim young man, all in the blink of an eye, and they are treasured records to have, regardless of whether his hair was brushed or his clothes were clean, this is real life, not a model’s photo shoot. Two families I know received devastating news yesterday about their offspring and they may be looking back over school photographs for some comfort and to mark their loved ones’ lives. These are important documents that mark the passage of time and I am so pleased that I made the right decision to send Joshua to school to have his taken yesterday.

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