Crystal Ball

Joshua slept until 11 am yesterday, which is rare but I put it down to exhaustion after a busy half term at school. But when he did not finish his Weetabix and he curled back up in bed,going back to sleep, I knew he was unwell. So I gave him some magic Calpol and waited for the miraculous improvement. But it did not come, he went back to sleep and he was snoring away every time I checked on him, so I left him to heal in his sleep. But by 4pm, I was concerned and thought he had been in bed long enough. I took him his medication in some nutritious rice pudding and went to wake him. His complexion – he has transparent skin that loses all its colour when he is sick – was grey and his Pyjamas were soaked in sweat, he was unwell. He managed to eat the rice pudding and had another dose of Calpol but he was not interested in coming downstairs once I had changed his PJs, it seemed he had more sleep in him.

So instead after half an hour, I ran him a bath and he was willing to try that as he does love his baths. He loves the bubbles and warm water, he kept turning the hot tap on wanting more hot water. After that he had more colour in his cheeks and he looked more human, but still had no energy. He managed to eat some tea but he was back in bed and slept all night, from 8pm so of the 24 hours yesterday, he cannot have been awake for more than 4 of them.

So this morning’s decision is, is he well enough to travel on holiday as planned today  or does he need another day in bed to recover from this germ that knocked him off his feet? If we do go, it will be 6 hours in the car before we take a ferry then arrive at our destination. It is yet another situation this week when I have been wishing for a crystal ball : I want to see into the future to see how the journey goes and how unwell he will be today, before making the decision to delay. I do not want to make him feel worse by rushing him into a long car journey. But once again, no crystal balls are on hand and Joshua will not even be able to explain how ghastly he feels when he finally awakes. It was obvious yesterday, so I am hoping that it will be equally evident this morning and that we then go on to make the right decision for us all.


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