Play Away

So all being well, we will head off on our holiday later this morning, just a day later than planned. I sulked a little yesterday, feeling that we had lost a day’s holiday but I know it was the right thing to do for Joshua, but he was so improved that I am confident that we will get off today. So I have been speculating about what our holidays mean to me as I look forward to them so much:

They involve family time away with my son and husband, when none of us are distracted by work, school or appointments. We have no schedule, we wake up each day wondering what the day might bring and there is no real plan. We have a mental list each of the places we would like to go – all our favourite haunts – and the activities that we would like to fit in, but there is no schedule as such. We don’t have to be up and out at a certain time, so mornings can be a more leisurely affair. That being said I am looking forward to my morning beach walks with the dogs before the boys awake, when I can stride out along the prom, cliff path or sands and breathe in the sea air and watch the sunrise and the day leap into life.

We stay in the same holiday home three times a year, so it offers us a real home from home comfort. Joshua knows which is his bedroom and we know where everything is in the town that we might need while we are away. This familiarity adds to the relaxation, as there is no period of acclimatisation that you get in a new destination, once we have completed the long drive – which never seems as far on the way down as it does when we are driving home! – and made our beds up and filled the fridge with food, we are ready to go. I love to walk down the town to see what has changed since our last visit, to see if any businesses have disappeared and to monitor the progress on the building work that was underway in August, as it marks the passage of time. I am hoping that Joshua will enjoy the delights on the pier that he loved so much in the summer; I suspect the dodgems will be closed for winter as they are at the far end of the pier but he will still be able to shoot some hoops in the amusements if he chooses to.

I know how lucky I am to have had access to this house all of my life and how fortunate we are to get away from it all, so frequently. Not all of Joshua’s peers are as fortunate and many from school will be lucky to get away once a year, if at all. For some, the trauma of the journey and the new environment would be too stressful, so that it is simpler to stay home at weekends and during the school holidays. So I do not take from granted my last days of annual leave this week and I plan to have fun together once we get away.

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