Holiday Happenings

We had a full day travelling yesterday and Joshua dozed most of the journey. If he was not asleep, he was eating fruit or banging the headrest of my seat in front of him, to remind me that he was there. We have always been lucky with how well he travels on long drives, as he often seems content to watch the world go by and listen to music for the most part. He used to always travel in the front passenger seat until he developed two bad behaviours that got him relegated to the back : he tried the door handle while we were driving on a motorway and frightened us, so he now needs the security of child locks in the back. When he developed his door kicking game, he began to kick the front panel of the car if we stopped at traffic lights, queues or inadvertently passed by a Donalds! So now he travels in the back seat and I have been promoted to up front!

There was no need to kick yesterday as we stopped at two different Donalds en route. Both occasions were greeted with the same excitement, shouting out ‘thank you!’ and ‘Donalds’, but in both he only drank his orange juice hardly touched his food. If he is struggling with a sore throat, then scratchy fries and crispy chicken might not be the best food choices.

But the happiest that Joshua was all day was when we finally boarded the ferry and he knew where he was and what lay ahead. We sat in the lounge on a settee that looked out at the sea, but as it was dark, all he could see was his own reflection. Joshua is so vain that he was in heaven : he waved, revealed his bare tummy, stroked his hair back and generally admired himself for most of the short crossing. He tried to engage other passengers in his waving game but only a few responded, but he seemed undeterred as he was in such a good mood.  He devoured a bag of Wotsits and more juice, as he admired himself in action and he was somewhat disappointed when we had to make our way back to the car deck, as he waved goodbye to himself.

We have a routine when we arrive for our winter stays at this holiday house, we turn the heaters on to warm it through and then my husband walks to the supermarket to buy provisions, while I make the beds up , with Joshua’s help. He insisted on sitting on each bed that I wanted to make, but we got there in the end. Joshua curled up in what he knows to be his bed once it was made and did not want to come downstairs again. So I changed him into his Pjs and gave him his bedtime medication and let him go to sleep. Hopefully a good night’s sleep will set him up to begin his holiday adventure this morning.

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