Holiday End

It is always difficult getting back into normal routine after a holiday away and I always miss spending time with Joshua and my husband once we have been together 24/7 for a week. This time however is tougher than most as I had to travel away with work, leaving home at lunchtime on Sunday so I was also robbed of the end of my weekend .

Joshua and I managed to fit in our weekend supermarket sweep in the morning and he behaved really well this time, pushing the trolley and allowing me to get everything on my list. He only messed around as I was packing the bags, trying to runaway three times but I was quick enough to catch him and sit him back down. I made us a snack lunch , in between packing my overnight bag, then Joshua settled down for a nap on the settee so I kissed his sleeping head then I left.

Travelling solo , when you are only responsible for yourself, is simpler but it is not as much fun either. There was nobody to wait with in the long airport security queues , nobody to share a drink with me as we waited to board and nobody to hold my hand during the turbulent landing. But once I arrived at my hotel , I was free to take a bath and climb into bed, which is all I was fit for. I had photos from home and Joshua needed an early night too, so all was well.

Having been wearing my holiday and mother/ carer hat all last week, I did a quick change and all day today , I will be wearing my at- work hat, leaving yorkshire Grandma in charge of getting my boy away to school.

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