Idle Speculation

I often speculate, what might Joshua have been like if he had not experienced his brain damage, what might he have done with his life so far? I like to think that his personality would have been the same as it is now : that he would have been a loving son with a cheeky spirit and sense of humour. I think he would have been popular with his friends, sociable and I like to think that he would have had a kind heart. I can see enough of these traits in the young man that he has already become .

But I like to think of him being he would have been more independent than he is able to be now. He should be making his own choices and taking care of himself, rather than needing his parents to look after his needs. I like to think that he might have inherited my stubborn personality – there is already more than a hint of that trait when he digs his boots in and refuses to move.

But I wonder what he might have enjoyed studying and what career path he might have chosen. If everything had been as it should have been, he would have been enjoying his first term of university now and so he would probably have moved out of home . I find that hard to visualise, Joshua living away and not seeing him everyday but communicating by text or email instead, as many of his peers are doing.

It is only ideal curiosity, as I know, this independent and academic life is not in Joshua’s future plan. But I have always stated that I want Joshua to be safe and to be happy, and anything else is a bonus. By the way he runs to the school taxi with a big grin on his face, I am pretty sure that he is happy at school. Joshua has achieved so much more already than was predicted for him and so who knows what his future will hold and how much more he will go on to achieve. Nobody knows what is around anyone’s corner and nothing is guaranteed, so we look forward to seeing what Joshua’s future will bring him, and us too. Whatever lies ahead, he will always have his parents shouting him on, encouraging him from the sidelines.

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