Fit for Fun

I had a sense yesterday when Joshua was reluctant to wake up, that he was not feeling on his best form. He took longer than usual to come around and give me one of his grins, and he was keen to snuggle back down again after he had eaten his porridge. I hoped that it was the aftermath of his Thursday night seizure and so I let him stay in bed as late as I dare, yet still allowing enough time to get him dressed. I needed to double-dress him yesterday as he was to wear his onesie for Children In Need. As they are so warm and so inconvenient for personal care, I always dress him in another layer underneath so that he can wear joggers once the fun of fancy dress has worn off. I am not totally convinced that Joshua even realised that he was going to school dressed in grey and black stripes, with ears on his hood.

I kept my mobile by my side all day , half-expecting a call to say that more seizures had struck him down, but that call did not come until after 4.30, from his respite provision, so he had held on as long as he could. They were still booking him in , when he had seizures for five minutes, and they got to the stage of retrieving his emergency medicine, when they stopped on their own. Once Joshua was settled on the settee, looking ready to sleep it all off, they called me at home to report what had happened. I was relieved of course that they had stopped on their own, within the confines of the care plan, and of course I hope that is the end of them for this weekend.

The phone call left me on tenterhooks all evening, jumping up and assuming the worst when my mother in law called later. It is very hard to stay away once you know Joshua is unwell, my natural instinct was to go to him, to be there. But he is surrounded by caring and attentive people at respite and they did all the right things, given that these were the first seizures of Joshua’s that they had witnessed in the  7 months that he has been attending there. They are a frightening sight for the first time, I never underestimate that, and that will be one of the longest 5 minutes that they experience this weekend. I really hope that they are not challenged by more seizures today, that he has slept well and reset his brain, so that he can have some fun and games today, without feeling too washed out.

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