Fitful Night

Yesterday I wrote about how much Joshua enjoys his baths, but they are also an activity to be  hyper-aware of and never to be taken too lightly. Joshua enjoyed his bath last night, lazing back and stretching out in the warm water. he decided he had had enough, possibly because he felt different, but he knelt up onto his knees, which is the way that he gets out. So I got his towel ready but then I saw his eyes change : the pupils enlarged and his eyes stared ahead, and I knew that a seizure was on its way.  So I immediately removed the plug in the bath to release the water, and decided that there was not time to get him out safely as he would not be able to stand. Sure enough  his limbs stiffened and he sat back down, while the seizure took over his body. I reached down and ensured his head was safe and above water, as he moved more into a lying position. We stayed like this for a couple of minutes, by which time the water had drained, then he turned to face me witha  smile of relief as it was passing.

He was able to get back onto his knees, with some encouragement, and I helped him to stand – it was a very wobbly standing position but vertical enough that I could lift him over the side of the bath. He looked rather dazed as I toweled him dry, but we managed to walk slowly to his bedroom. We sat on his bed waiting to see if there were any more in the cluster or if that was it  over. Nothing more came but clearly his body was exhausted, as he curled up on his bed, but his eyes remained open and staring, rather than relaxing into sleep. We lay together like this for some time, wanting to be sure there were no more seizures to follow and eventually he closed his eyes and I crept out.

Ideally he would have slept it off but he was awake and standing at the top of the stairs later and so we both had a restless night, as he did not seem able to relax into a proper sleep. I sneaked out of his room at 4 am once I heard him snoring, so I expect him to be tired again at school today; I will leave him in bed this morning as late as I dare and we will just have to see what the day ahead brings.

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