Sleep the best medicine

I have everything crossed today that the restorative powers of sleep have worked their magic on Joshua’s seizure activity. After spending all yesterday morning in bed , we had to go out to collect his prescription and so I combined that trip with a short walk in the park. He was happy and sociable in the chemist and set off on the walk enthusiastically, throwing sticks for the happy dogs, but then he kept halting for absence seizures when he froze , his eyes would stare up at the sky and I feared that he would fall to the ground, So we turned back, cutting the walk short , not wanting to be stranded too far from the safety of the car.

Once we got home, Joshua returned to his settee in his den and curled up for another nap. He seemed to know what he needed and so I did not push him again and we shared a lazy afternoon at home. The spectre of seizures stayed away for the rest of the day, even at bathtime which has become a difficult time this week. I did not think that he would be ready for bed at his usual time, given the sleep he had enjoyed during the day , and he sat nicely with us watching music videos for a while before leading me by the hand up to his bed, he reappeared twice after being tucked in , but then had slept through , better than I did!

So let’s hope that today he can function normally after a day of rest, that he is restored and raring to go again.

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