Wedding Belles

2021 was a big year for all three of our grown up nieces, as they all got engaged to marry their partners, who they currently live with. I was not sure if marriage was on the cards for any of them, as they had already made the commitment of getting mortgages and setting up home together ,so it was a lovely surprise in each case. Only one of the couples has set a date to be married, as far as I know, and that wedding will take place in September 2023, so we still have plenty of time to prepare, although many of the decisions have been made already.

Last summer, my sister’s daughter and her fiance made me cry, and it still makes me emotional when I think of what they have done. She plans to have six bridesmaids and he will have six groomsmen. Last summer, they gave Joshua a smart, boxed pair of socks and on the box it asked him to be one of the groomsmen. They explained that Joshua is the closest thing that my niece has to a brother and they wanted him to support the groom on their big day. Joshua and the groom-to -be have a wonderful relationship already , as he always makes time for his ‘cousin in law’. I was overwhelmed with emotion, Joshua of course was oblivious, but I accepted the great honour on his behalf and we have the boxed socks at the back of his sock drawer awaiting the big day.

It was a beautiful gesture but I hope that they have considered the implications of having Joshua as a groomsman : rather than supporting the groom, he will himself need support. I believe that the plan is that my husband will support Joshua, to support the groom. Joshua will wear the same suit as the wedding party – how smart will they all look? – and he does a great ‘cheese’ for photo opportunities, although he is not great at following instructions for posed, formal photographs so he will not be able to be in many of the pictures.

It is a very kind way of ensuring Joshua is involved in their special day. I know that my parents would have been delighted to have seen smartly dressed Joshua involved in their granddaughter’s wedding day and I am sure that I will be weeping throughout the emotional day. Joshua enjoys a family party and this will be one of the largest gatherings that he will have been to, so he will need to pace himself throughout the day. Fortunately we will have accommodation at the wedding venue, so he will be able to retreat and rest when he needs to, which should enable him to keep going through the long day so that he can dance and participate into the evening.

Joshua will never have a wedding of his own, but this will be the next best thing, to be involved in the wedding party of his cousin’s wedding day. I am so grateful that they asked him to be their groomsman and we will try our best not to let them down.

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