Music Therapy

All of his life, from being a tiny baby, music has soothed Joshua, it is one of his great loves. In the middle of the night, if Joshua would not settle, I would take him into the lounge and dance around with him listening to a CD on full blast and it worked like a magic spell for him. As a toddler, Joshua would spot speakers in cafes and need to stand beneath them and if we saw buskers, he would want to stand so close that he virtually climbed inside their instruments. He seemed to feel the vibration of the music in his body somehow. This love for music has not abated as he has grown older : everyday he will request ‘music’ which means that he wants to go into the lounge, lie on the settee under a blanket while the Verve’s ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’ plays – no other CD will do!

So I had seen a poster locally for a ‘Let’s Sing’ group which meets fortnightly in the church hall to sing a wide range of songs and I thought that I might take Joshua along. I learned that yesterday was one of the days that they group was on and so I took Joshua down there for its 1.30 start. Chairs were laid out in a semi circle around a piano and there must have been more than 20 people there, who were very welcoming as they recognised us as newcomers. Joshua was the youngest there by far and one of just three men, and I was probably the second youngest in the room. We signed in and were given a song sheet. After some announcements, including plans for future public performances, we began to work through the varied song sheet ranging from songs from ‘The Sound of Music’ and ‘Lady Madonna’ to ‘Soldier, Soldier won’t you marry me’ , ‘This Old House’ and ‘Blowing in the Wind’.

Joshua did not know any of these songs, nor could he read the lyrics, but he happily sat listening and giving participants encouraging thumbs ups. He did not attempt to leave his chair once during the hour- long session, even when I stood up to sing. At the end, we were offered drinks and homemade cake and the friendly group included us in their conversations, they were intrigued by Joshua’s presence. So it was a huge success, but sadly, Joshua will not be able to attend again, as it takes place on alternate Wednesdays and that is going to be his one day a week at daycare . But I certainly plan to return when I can as I enjoyed singing, even though it did not always sound good, and the group was so friendly and welcoming.

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