All is Well

I only have my phone to write on so I will keep this brief. As I predicted, Joshua loved the hustle and bustle of being with so many people last night. He sat at the long dining table to eat his meal with everyone else . Then He sat on the enormous settee grinning at everyone, like he could not get enough of the company . He was so excited that he stayed up until almost midnight, drinking it all in. So I expect him to need to lie in this morning to recover from all the excitement.

We were amongst the first to arrive but he greeted every new arrival with enthusiasm. Many of his relations asked him how he was and he replied ‘not bad’ but his happy expression suggested better than that.

The stairs in the rented house are traditional with a handrail ,so he can access our first floor room easily enough. I did not attempt to get him into the hot tub but I enjoyed a bubble under the stars and I plan another go this morning..

Have a good weekend everyone 😁

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