The Power of Words

Joshua does not have a lot of language, but he showed skill in how he used his limited vocabulary yesterday on three separate occasions:

– I was awake early and sneaked out of bed to come downstairs so my husband took my place in the bed that I had vacated. Sometime later Joshua stirred, but was not fully awake and my husband cuddled into his back and rearranged him into a comfortable sleeping position. Joshua detected a difference to his normal companion, and muttered a single word showing that he knew the score ‘Dad!’

– The chosen family outing was to a wildlife park so we all drove there in four different cars. When we arrived it was cold and windy but it is February. Some of the animals were hiding but we were able to get into the enclosures of friendly goats and wallabies. Joshua looked at them but did not want to pet either . He climbed out of his wheelchair as it started to rain, drizzle at first then more torrential. Joshua pushed his wheelchair around the wallaby area looking for some means of escape ,then clearly shouted ‘ No, truck!’ Indicating that he had had enough already. We became a splinter group that came back to our cabin where we lit the log burner and he was happy again.

In the evening I took Joshua upstairs to change him. He was naked when his Dad entered the bedroom and quick as a flash he said ‘No pants!’ , just in case there was any doubt as to his state of undress.

I love it when he uses language meaningfully like this and it seems to be happening more and more recently.

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