Loosen Those Apron Strings

After almost two years of being at home, caring for Joshua full time, things are about to change this week. I have had a shadow 24/7 but this week that will disappear for two spells : Joshua will begin going to daycare, from 10am until 4 pm, every Wednesday, from tomorrow. I have dug his old rucksack out from his school days and the last entry was for 18 March 2020, which was to become his last ever school day. I fished out of that school rucksack : some spare trousers in case of accidents, a tub of rice pudding , his home/school diary, his epilepsy care plan, his swimming trunks and a towel. These will be replaced by his new epilepsy care plan, the same spare trousers, some money to buy his lunch with and his emergency medication – which the staff are trained to administer. I will not be sending in his swimming kit immediately, until he gets to know them and they him, but the plan is that he will be going swimming to their local pool soon.

I am both excited and a little anxious for this new start, and I am really hopeful that Joshua will love it. So that I do not clock watch all day tomorrow, I have a plan for how we can spend our first ‘free’ day in two years : I should get back around 10.30, so we will inevitably have a cup of tea while I fill my husband in on how the drop off has gone. Then we will go into town, hopefully walking or cycling if the weather allows, to choose some new carpet. It will be sheer luxury to do that browsing without Joshua in tow, so that we can properly focus. Then we will have lunch out somewhere, again for it to be just us two will be a real treat : no need to feed Joshua, distract him while waiting for the order to come or to have to leave when he is ready. Then I will need to set off back for him around 3.20 so that I can see what the traffic is like at that time of day.

Then I have another treat to look forward to this week as a good friend and I are having a night out to see a stand up comedian, which is our Christmas present to each other. Now if it is hard to recall my last lunch alone with my husband, my memory does not go back far enough to remember my last night out to the theatre with a friend. I will pick her up from home after she has finished work and we have a table booked for a meal at 5pm, so that afterwards we can walk across to the venue for the show. It seems a very grown up evening and I have not been out at night since the same friend and I had a pre-Christmas meal. My husband is in charge of Joshua at home and I expect him to be tucked up in bed when I get home.

I am hoping that this week will start the new shape of things to come, as life starts to return to the ‘new normal’.

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