Raison d’Etre

I want to explain the purpose of this blog; the reason why I am writing it. I am NOT writing it as a list of grievances and as a vehicle to moan about the difficult life that we lead. I am NOT writing it to generate sympathy for our family situation and to seek attention. I am NOT looking for advice as to how to solve any particular problems. I am NOT showing off, saying that we have all the answers, that we are the champions at this. Rather, there are three key reasons that I keep writing this daily blog :

  1. I am trying to offer solidarity with other parents of children who have special needs. I am hopeful that another such parent, who could be new in their SEN journey, could learn from our experiences or mistakes. They could feel less alone if they read that another parent is going through something similar to them , so it might be a source of comfort to them. They might read abut the types of activities that we get up to and consider that their family might tackle it too. I have written a lot about adult transition from school to Adult Services, so that might help to prepare a parent with a 16 year old, for the journey ahead, enabling them to avoid some of the mistakes that we have made. I often write about the outings that we go on, which might give another family the confidence to try something, as the temptation when you have a child with special needs, is to stay at home where it is safe and familiar.
  2. I am trying to offer non-SEN parents some insight into the type of issues that we face on a daily basis. It might help the community to be more tolerant and accepting, if they read about the life in another parent’s shoes for a short while. Simple things that others take for granted can be shown to be major issue or if they read how much a simple thumbs up or wave means to Joshua, they might be more inclined to respond rather than simply giving him a blank stare. Last night we took Joshua to the theatre for the first time in years and he was super-excited to see all those people – after so long with just his parents. I had bought the tickets at the last minute with just days to go before the performance, so I had no choice of seats with 3 together. It meant that we were seated in the stalls, at the end of a row, so we had to shuffle along the row to our seats: Joshua is not very mobile or agile and he wears gigantic NHS boots over his splints. So the row all stand up and lean back against their flipped up theatre seats, as we do for ‘normal’ audience members. However I was scared that Joshua would stamp on their toes and it would have been much easier of the whole row of ten people had emptied out, to allow us in. My husband and I grabbed a hand each and dragged him along the row, as best we could. Joshua did not make it any easier as he stopped to smile at or give a thumbs up to each person that he passed face to face! It was well worth the effort, as Joshua adored the Queen tribute band and sat wide eyed and open mouthed throughout the show.
  3. I enjoy writing and I find it a cathartic experience to reflect on and then write about our daily lives. I find that it gives me a different perspective and that I look forward to the creative exercise of writing my blog each day. When I started writing again, I did not want to commit to publishing everyday, incase I put myself under pressure. However, I have actually found it helpful and that I want to share. I love receiving the comments from readers too, who show me so much support. It is a form of journalling for me, although once I have written in the early hours of the morning, I often find by later in the day that I have forgotten what I have written about and I rarely read them back. If I have a day when I have nothing that I want to say, then I will not blog that day

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