Time Marches On

It is the first of March today and that is significant for many reasons :

  • We are already in the third month of 2022, how quickly has that happened as new year seems just a blink ago! Time is definitely speeding up and that is rather frightening and I need no other reminder of the speedy passage of time, than the imminent 21st birthday of our son.
  • March is a special month as it contains Joshua’s birthday, Mothers Day and we turn the clocks forward, so it beckons in the lighter mornings, longer light evenings and hopefully the warmer weather after Winter’s gloom. I love the spring flowers best of all, as they are so cheerful and hopeful I find. We live next door to a Farm which opens to the public in late March,until early September, so there are new lambs being born now ready to greet the crowds of families who have missed them since last Autumn and Winter when they close. It does mean however that our lane gets much busier with traffic at weekends particularly, and Easter and Mothers Day are especially busy times.
  • The first of March in my third best friend’s wedding anniversary : for Joshua’s first birthday we flew to Las Vegas where she married an American in a hotel. I was a bridesmaid and baby Joshua was full of cold and would not settle as I recall – the long haul flight will not have helped. We stayed on for a few days in Las Vegas and took him to the Grand Canyon for his first birthday – what a treat for an infant! We then drove to Palm Springs and across to California, where we wanted to take him to the world famous San Diego zoo. It was an amazing trip, not when we would have chosen to go ideally, but Joshua certainly had a memorable first birthday party.
  • Today is Shrove Tuesday, or Pancake Day. My husband makes the best pancakes and we are both big fans, whereas Joshua is not that interested. While the boys are still asleep , I will nip out to the shops to make sure that we have sufficient milk, eggs and lemons for him to create a pancake breakfast. Shrove Tuesday also signifies the start of Lent, marking the countdown to Easter. Over the years I have given up chocolate and biscuits, but I find both difficult to do, which is the point I suspect. On my dog walk this morning I will ponder what I can abstain from, for 40 days.

So welcome in March, be kind to us…..

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