Birthday Celebrations Day 2

I had to wake Sleeping Beauty at 9 am to get him ready for his second birthday party and we managed to get away on time. This time we were having afternoon tea at a hotel – in fact the same hotel as we had our wedding reception in 1995! I had booked a table for 16 of us – with Joshua’s cousins, aunts and uncles and Nanna. We were at a table which was in its own extension off the restaurant, which we were able to decorate with balloons and his birthday banner too.

Joshua was delighted to sit in the centre of the long table where he was surrounded by family whichever direction he looked in. He was so busy grinning and giving them a thumbs up that he did not have any time to eat the delicious sandwiches , scones or cakes. But we more than made up for his abstinence by devouring the three tiered plate of treats!

Joshua’s youngest cousin drew him a beautiful happy birthday drawing and when she presented it to him, he thanked her . At one point he stood up and walked to the far end of the table to mingle with his guests that he had not seen, he walked around greeting everyone . He thoroughly embraced the company and the event, making the most of having everyone together .

It was only at the end , when photographs were taken outside in the sunshine with the spectacular view as a backdrop, that Joshua became exhausted and pulled away to get to the car. Fortunately we had booked a family room in the same hotel for the night, so he could go and have a lie down in comfort, once we had checked in.

So Day 2 of birthday celebrations were another success and I want to thank all my in laws family for making it so special. When we get back to normal , with no cake, balloons or relatives around, Joshua may find everyday life very dull!!

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