Time for Us

The last two days have been all about celebrating Joshua’s 21 years in our family, but yesterday was more like finding Time for Us. To extend the birthday celebrations, we three had stayed overnight in a family room at the hotel where we had the afternoon tea. The last time we had stayed here it was our wedding night in October 1995. We had breakfast in the restaurant where we had enjoyed our afternoon tea, although it seemed to be too early for Joshua to eat as despite all of the alternatives that we brought him from the buffet, he only ate a yogurt and some fruit for his breakfast. My husband and I made up for his modest selection and we sampled something from every part of the breakfast buffet.

To avoid walking Joshua back through the maze of the hotel corridors, I fetched the car around to the front of the hotel so that he could walk easily outside, all on one level. From there, my husband drove us ten minutes to his sister’s house where Joshua was going to spend the morning. Joshua’s aunt had agreed to look after him while my husband and I enjoyed some precious time in the hotel spa. So after some brief goodbyes, we left Joshua with his Aunt , Uncle and cousin to return to the hotel where we checked out of the room and entered the spa. It was in a fabulous setting, overlooking the plains, in a converted chapel and we tried everything : the steam room, sauna, indoor swimming pool, outside infinity pool and the jacuzzis. My favourite was the infinity pool even though the air temperature was cold and the wind was chilly.

It felt like such a treat, after the mad celebrating, preparations and dashing around of the previous few days, to just stop and take in the view and the beauty of our surroundings. It was a real treat to spend time with my husband without any interruptions from Joshua. We stayed in the spa for over two hours, knowing that a trip to Donalds in his Aunt’s convertible mini was on the cards for Joshua, so he would be happy. They were just arriving back as we pulled up at 1pm and Joshua beamed to see us. He presented me with a beautiful bouquet as ‘ 21 years of being a wonderful Mum is worth celebrating’

We had a happy reunion when we were both treated to Joshua bear hugs. He had enjoyed his stay with his Aunt, but he was also pleased to see us both back. We enjoyed a cup of tea together and then we headed home, very grateful for the gift of time for us.

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