Living the Dream

When I imagined my retirement, it was pretty much like yesterday : we had clear blue skies all day long so it did not get dark until around 6pm. I was awake early, as usual, so had a two hour walk – 6am until 8am – to the beach with our three dogs, witnessing the most stunning sunrise. When I got home, Joshua was still asleep and I let him sleep on until 8.50, when I woke him with breakfast in bed. having eaten his porridge, it was time to get up and we were in the car, going to daycare at 9.25, as planned.

We arrived in the sunshine, along with several others, by 10am and Joshua was greeted happily, with lots of questions about his birthday celebrations and compliments on his haircut. We left him there as he waved us happily off. My husband and I then drove more into the city to look at a carpet shop, to compare prices with our local retailer. Then we stopped off for a latte and fruit toast on the way home. I began cutting the grass as soon as we got home, while it was still sunny, with the dogs playing outside in the garden with me. This was the first mow of 2022 and the lawn looked much better afterwards.

At 1.30pm, I left my garden to go to Community Singing and took homemade chocolate brownies along for the tea break. I really enjoyed my hour of singing, with tunes ranging from Thin Lizzy’s ‘Whiskey in the Jar’ to ‘Que Sera’ and ‘Danny Boy’. I had to leave at the end to get back to daycare to fetch Joshua home, so I did not have time to mingle with tea and cake, after the singing, as I needed to fill up with petrol on the way too.

Joshua was ready to go as I arrived to collect him at 3.45 and he gave the two members of staff left with him, both big hugs goodbye – you would have thought that this was more than his third stay! We shared some crisps on the way home and he asked for ‘Music’ as soon as he crossed the threshold , as he needed a lie down. As he had not eaten much at daycare, I made him an early tea .He ate most of his fish, chips and mushy peas supper then asked to go to bed, even though it was still light outside. having this much fun is exhausting :

All in all, this was a good day all round and I look forward to many more the same soon, as spring is ushered in.

One thought on “Living the Dream

  1. Good Morning Emma,
    I have the day off today, well still things to do but not at the tearooms, and have had the time to read your blog. I just want to wish Joshua a belated 21st Birthday. Sounds like he had a great extended day. Kind regards Anne


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