Calling the Shots

On Joshua’s ‘day off’ daycare, I determined to let him rest , to recover from his exertions so that he can make the most of today’s visit. This is the first week when he will go to daycare twice, on Wednesday and Friday. So he enjoyed a lie in, after a restless night meant that he ate his Weetabix at 5.30am. I took my early walk at 6.15 and walked to the beach with the dogs, where I was very interested in the fun and squealing that the Mermaids were having with their sunrise swim in the North Sea. It got me thinking all day that I might like to join their group,if I could get suitably kitted out. I was back home for 7.30am and it was such a beautiful morning, that I was cutting the grass by 8am. While mowing out the front of the house, I was waiting for an acquaintance to collect a chocolate cake that I had made for her poorly husband’s 70th birthday. So when Joshua has a lie in, it means that I can get more things done.

When Joshua woke up after 10, he was restless and did not concur with the plan to have a quiet day at home, he was raring to go. So we headed out to a local town where I wanted to print off some photographs of the birthday weekend. It was not easy juggling a restless Joshua, my mobile phone containing the photographs, and the printer all in a small shop which was busy with couples wanting passport photographs to be taken. As he knew I was distracted, Joshua played up in there throwing my purse on the floor then trying to escape, so it was quite stressful and I wished I had saved this task for a daycare day , so that I could focus on it.

We started to walk back to the car and Joshua had other ideas: he stopped right outside the chip shop and said ‘Dinner!’, which made me laugh. Last time we were there, my husband had bought him a poke of chips which he had enjoyed on a bench and clearly, that is what Joshua intended to do again, even though it was only 11.30. Of course, he had been so clear and had asked clearly, that he was rewarded by a tasty bag of chips, which he enjoyed on a bench, while waving to other shoppers, grinning his head off as he had got his own way… again!

Once full, we were allowed to go back to the car and back home, where as we approached our house, he was already calling for ‘Music!’ ready for when we got indoors, just in case there was any doubt what he wanted to do next. We had the lazy afternoon that I had planned, including an hour in a touring caravan listening to music. So hopefully it was a decent mix of busy and lazy, so that he is ready to make the most of whatever daycare has planned for him today.

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