Spring Forward

A week today is an important day for two reasons:

  1. The clocks will move forward, so while it is now getting dark at 6ish in the evening, that will soon be around 7pm. So suddenly our days will seem much longer and we will have more daylight, and hopefully sunlight, in our lives. It was a beautiful sunny day yesterday across most of the country and from photographs on social media, lots of people were making the most of the sunshine and were living a more outdoor life. Not us of course, we remain locked down in isolation,, but it was stunning to look at from indoors. The sunshine makes people smile more and somehow it seems to make them more optimistic. It felt as though summer was on its way, despite our chilly wind in the shade reminding you that it was still March. Some people will have begun to plan summer holidays and others were out in their gardens, planting seeds or cutting grass, but emerging from a grey winter into a world of bright yellow daffodils and blue skies, full of hope and promise.
  2. Next week it will be Mothering Sunday – the day when we thank our mothers for taking such good care of us. I have been watching Downton Abbey for the first time and loving it on Netflix, and I think of that generation of servants being allowed home for a rare treat to visit their Mothers. I wish with all my heart that I could visit my late mother next Sunday. We used to go to church together on Mothering Sunday when I lived at home, and everyone was encouraged to go up to the front of the church to collect a bunch of daffodils and greenery to take back to your Mum in her seat. I hope that they still have that tradition. Mum never wanted a big fuss or lots of gifts on Mothers Day, but one of my favourites was her last one in March 2019 : we took Mum and my Mother in Law out to a restaurant for lunch, near where they lived, with my sister. It was such a happy party and the food was delicious. Mum had commented how, as she had not been feeling well, that it was the most that she had managed to eat for ages, as it was so delicious. In fact, in recognition of that special day, we had used the same caterers for Mum’s funeral and were delighted with the buffet that they created in her honour. My sister and I were blessed with the best mother in the world and I have so many happy memories to reflect on and to be grateful for.

On Mother’s Day I always think of my Mum first, but of course, for the last 21 years, I have been Joshua’s Mum and what a privilege that has been. To see what a handsome, funny and brave young man he has become makes my heart swell with pride. He never allows his disabilities to hold him back, but always has a big smile and even when he is unwell, like now with Covid, he does not give in to it and let it bring him down. I am delighted at how well and how quickly he has settled into daycare, and I am thrilled at how popular he seems to be there already. In short, I am proud to be Joshua’s mother and I cannot imagine, nor do I want to, my life any other way.

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