Simple Pleasures

Now that we three are locked down again in self isolation, due to our positive Covid-19 results, we are each finding what simple pleasures help to keep us sane :

For Joshua, his music is clearly his salvation and having woken up, it is pretty much the first thing that he asks for and I often have to insist that he has his porridge before he disappears into his music lounge. He will spend his day flipping between listening to The Verve on the settee in the lounge, to Bruce Springsteen on a DVD player in his bedroom, to the Live8 show on the settee in his den and his You Tube favourites on my mobile phone on the move in the car, in the bath or even outside in the caravan or at the pod. So like the nursery rhyme ‘he shall have music where ever he goes!’ But even Joshua can have too much of a good thing and mid-afternoon he typically reaches a point when he has had his fill and he needs a different distraction to satisfy him. That is when , in normal times, we would head out to the beach or to a cafe for a change of scene.

Yesterday I took him for a drive to blow the cobwebs away. My husband bought a two -seater sports car at the start of lockdown and Joshua loves to drive through the country lanes, with the roof down, on a sunny day, feeling the wind in his hair. So that is what we did yesterday, we wrapped up warm as it was sunny but not especially warm, and we took to the road, knowing that we would not see anyone or go anywhere in particular. We drove around the country lanes for around 40 minutes, listening to an inevitable loud rock music radio station, and Joshua was delighted with his entertainment. As we pulled back into the drive, he simply said ‘Thank you’ and gave me a thumbs up of approval. Back inside the house, we both had a nap, worn out by our exertions.

For my husband, his simple pleasure seemed to be watching endless FA Cup football, which does not interest me in the least. So after my rest, I headed into the kitchen to do some baking. I decided to make some fruit scones , enjoying the creative process, having to focus on the recipe and, we ate two each while they were still warm, so we enjoyed the output too. I am not able to paint or craft as my creative outlet, but I do enjoy to bake and love to create something that others like to eat. Due to our Covid status, these scones will not leave this house, so we have a few more to eat yet but it was the process as much as the cake that I enjoyed. I love to see the random ingredients come together to make something delicious in a relatively short time.

So we each found our own self-isolation simple pleasures to help us through the day. Hopefully I will be ‘out’ properly again soon, as my test line last night was very faint, suggesting that Covid is finally on its way. Good riddance I say!

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