Arsenal of Ideas

Regularly Joshua wakes up around 3 am, when he gets out of his own bed, crosses the landing and climbs into my bed, often because he has woken up cold I think. Since he has had Covid-19 however, he has not gone straight back to sleep, but he has needed a dose of Calpol and some Weetabix, before going back to sleep. However, last night, from 5am onwards Joshua was awake and he was restless – He would not stay in the same place for more than 5 minutes, before trying to move somewhere else. I suspected that he was expecting seizures, as that can make him this agitated, but none came. Rather like when you have a crying baby, there is a checklist of strategies that I apply to try to identify what the problem might be. My arsenal of ideas include :

  • Change him – he was indeed wet, with soggy pyjamas, but that may have woken him, but was not why he was staying awake
  • feed him – Joshua devoured a bowl of Weetabix but that was not enough to persuade him to nod off with a full stomach
  • Distract him – I tried alternatively, a story tape and playing his Bruce Springsteen DVD quietly so that he would drift back off to sleep
  • Change of Scene – Joshua tried my bed for 5 minutes a couple of times, so we even tried downstairs – which is a last resort – where I hoped he might fall asleep on the settee, but to no avail
  • A warm bath – which I finally tried at 6.30 am and it did the trick ; after a short bath, Joshua was clean, warm and tired enough to return to sleep at 7am

So that was two hours of fun and games yesterday morning and he slept until after 11am after that, so I was able to do my cleaning chores while he slept. However, his restless state continued all day, with him being unable to settle to activities that he normally enjoys : His ‘music’ only distracted him for 5 minutes the he came to see what I was doing, he seemed more agitated than usual all day. Again no seizures emerged as the explanation, so I can only blame his Covid. He insisted on sitting next to his sneezing Dad on the settee, even though he was clearly not welcome.

After lunch , I took him outside to his pod for some fresh air. The skies were blue but there was a chilly wind, but I hoped that the walk through our field and then sitting outside, under a fleecy blanket, might help his restless mood. He lasted 30 minutes there, which was longer than he had stuck at anything else. He ate Ritz crackers then an apple and threw a tennis ball for Kevin our Jack Russell, but after half an hour, he stood up to go inside. I did not want him to get cold so we all came indoors. He had a lie down on his bed , watching Bruce Springsteen, while I had a 30 minute nap on the settee as my eyes wanted to close by this stage.

When we woke up, I used my final idea of isolation activities, and we went for a drive, which Joshua really enjoyed, even though he did not get to stop and get out anywhere. He enjoyed watching the world from behind a windscreen. We were out about an hour and I gave him his medication with a chocolate mousse when we got back and then began preparing his evening meal. He was content to sit and watch me prepare his meal as he knew what the outcome was going to be and he ate everything. Another bath before bed and Joshua settled in bed again around 9.30, after more Weetabix, Calpol and some bedtime stories. I had to use my best imagination and arsenal of ideas today as Joshua was perhaps starting to feel better, so he needed more attention today. Bring on his two negative Lateral Flow Tests, then daycare, as too many more days like today, when I am in recovery too, will be exhausting.

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