On the ninth day since I started with Covid symptoms, I achieved my second consecutive negative test result yesterday and so am now allowed to go out again, with fear of infecting anyone. That is such a great feeling, that I have fought off this virus and have overcome it in a relatively short time and without too much trauma. This is a virus that we have lived in fear of for over two years and although it finally caught up with this family, we have been fortunate to catch it when we did, so that we have only experienced relatively mild symptoms. I am convinced that the fact that all three of us are triple jabbed, has also ensured that none of us have been made especially sick and I would urge anyone who has not yet been vaccinated, or those fortunate individuals who will be offered a fourth booster, to step forward for it now. We will never know how our illness would have been without any vaccinations, but if a fourth jab is offered to this family, we will be willingly holding out our arms.

When I first got my positive Lateral Flow test last Tuesday evening, I was really disappointed that the virus had caught up with me after so long avoiding it and , after fearing it for so long. I was cross with myself for succumbing and anxious that I would be risking infecting Joshua; I , his main carer, was struck down with a disease that was highly infectious and yet the night before, I had unwittingly slept next to him, breathing all over him and all three of us had travelled for three hours in the same car on the day that I tested positive. I tried my best to keep my distance from him but the damage was already done in the previous day, when I did not know that I was infectious. I felt guilty for potentially infecting my Aunts, sister, brother in law and cousin at the family party on the Sunday before – but thankfully, nobody there has since contracted the disease, as it was luckily before I became infectious. I was also curious as to where I picked up the virus, re-tracing my virtual steps 3-5 days before my positive result : Was it at my community singing group? Was it from the cafes that we frequented on Friday and Monday for lunches? Was it when I dropped Joshua off, or collected him, from daycare? I will never know where I caught it, but we can safely say that I then went on to infect my husband and son. Just imagine how bad I would have felt if either one of them had ended up in hospital with Coronavirus; if Joshua had had to go to a Covid ward all on his own, and if he had needed ventilation or intensive care? That outcome does not bear thinking about…..

So, Instead I am delighted to celebrate my recently acquired negative status and to make the very most of my freedom, especially when I am the only one in the family who is now allowed to venture out of the house. Rather than being cross that we have contracted Coronavirus at all, I am now relieved that we caught it when we did, that we have been exposed to a much milder version of the virus than it was 2 years ago . This family has done battle with Covid-19 and I have emerged victorious – with the boys to follow soon I am sure – and I no longer fear its sting, should we be unlucky enough to contract it a second time in the future.

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