Loving You is Easy ‘Cause You’re Beautiful

Yesterday was day 2 of my mini-break away and once again it was dry and sunny weather. Usually when I wake up early at home, I have to creep around the house quietly, so as not to wake anyone else . As I was the only one in the house yesterday, when I awoke around 4am – having gone into a deep sleep at 9pm, this still gave me 7 hours of sleep – I was able to move about the house freely ; I turned all the lights on, turned the heating up, put a load of washing on and I even had an early bath, just because I could. I then decided that I fancied boiled egg and soldiers for my breakfast but I had no bread. At 6am I left the house , with Ruby my cocker spaniel ,and we walked across fields, along a public footpath to the neighbouring village, one with a village shop. I arrived there around 7 am, but to my dismay ,the shop did not open for another two hours. I was not prepared to sit around that long, so I followed more public footpaths across fields and uphill to Aysgarth village, where I knew the garage opened at 7am. It was a stunning walk, through fields of startled rabbits playing at dawn and new lambs, with their protective mothers. I bought my loaf at the garage shop, plus a postcard for my boys – now it really felt like a holiday! – and an apple to eat on the move. I finally got back at 8am, two hours after I had set off in search of soldiers, having walked a happy 6 miles.

I let the carpet fitters into the house at 9.30 and headed out to Hawes in search of a replacement telephone cable, as the original had got damaged the day before. I was loving my drive and my freedom, when a song came on, on the radio, which brought my mind right back to Joshua. It was ‘Loving You’ by Minnie Riperton (1975), and it is a song that I sing to Joshua most days as the high parts – la la la la la la oooooh – always make him laugh. So I turned the radio up loud and I sang along at the top of my voice while I was driving through the country lanes, beaming. I browsed a few shops but was unable to find the telephone cable that I needed, so I bought some Wensleydale cheese instead then headed back.

The carpet fitters were finished their work around 3.30pm, so I set about the job of hoovering up all the new carpet fluff then returning furniture to its rightful place. Then I packed up my overnight bag and cleaned the kitchen, leaving around teatime. I got home at 8.30pm to a rapturous welcome first from two dogs who sniffed both me and Ruby to check where we had been, then from Joshua who tried to play it cool at first with a look that said ‘ oh, it’s you is it?’ but then, could not resist giving me several big hugs , which gave away his true feelings. He had already had his bath and was in his PJs, so we went to his bedroom where I read him the stories that he asked for , before giving him his bedtime medication. I had loved my two day break away, but this is where I belong, at home with my two boys and all three dogs.

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