Happy Mother’s Day

Given that Joshua needs his Dad to help him to buy or make me a card for Mother’s Day, and given that my husband is still isolating due to Covid-19, I am not expecting a card today. Joshua is not capable of making me breakfast in bed or even turning the kettle on, so he will not be treating me in that way. Given that both ‘boys’ are still self isolating, we will not be venturing out for Sunday lunch or afternoon tea today. Yet these are the trappings of Mother’s Day, and I do not need those things, because Joshua makes it clear ,everyday, how much he loves me, not just on this date on the calendar:

  • I receive countless hugs each day, from the moment he gets out of bed, until he goes back to bed at night. If he walks into a room and spies me, he will make the effort to come over to give me a big bear hug. Sometimes, if I am cooking, his hugs are unwanted attention, or rather bad timing, but I try never to turn him away, but if I can, I stop and reciprocate.
  • I can see that Joshua’s face lights up and he beams when he sees me, which is a precious feeling that gives me a warm glow. He can be busy when I arrive at Daycare for instance, but when he sees me across the room, his face lights up. If we are separated for any length of time, which has happened rarely over the last 2 years, I receive such a welcome on my return. If I sit down in the lounge, he will jump up from wherever he is sitting, to come and sit next to me

Joshua is unable to express that he loves me but he shows it daily. Back in 2019, he went through a phase of tapping his chest to express his love. I am so pleased that at our Mother’s Day lunch back in 2019, that he tapped his chest for his Aunt and his Granny, telling them both that he loved them. So Grannysaw and knew that, on their penultimate meeting. The last time that Joshua saw his Granny alive was when we visited her, as a family, in hospital. I had been anxious that he would squeeze her too hard, when she was fragile and in pain but he behaved beautifully, he sensed how he needed to be with her. He gave her one of his priceless smiles, which must have made her feel better. Then he sat on the end of her bed watching one his movies on his ipad, while we talked together. It was only a short visit on that occasion, but I am so glad that he saw where his Granny was and that they got the opportunity to say goodbye.

Happy Heavenly Mother’s Day, mum….we miss you xx

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