Ouch !

My Mothers Day did not quite go to plan. Joshua was up early, whether he wanted to spend more time with his Mum or whether the clocks changing had confused him, but he was up and about from 5.30. I tried all my usual techniques to persuade him back to bed but it seemed that he was wide awake, so I relented and let him come downstairs where he watched Shrek 2 while I washed the kitchen floor. We video-called his Aunt once she was awake at 7.30 and he enjoyed that, then I took him for a bath. It was only after a warm bath that he finally gave in and went back to sleep.

As a result, I could not go for my morning dog walk until after 9am ( 8am really I guess), leaving my husband in charge of Sleeping Beauty. But I did not get very far: after a kilometre, Betty pulled across me , chasing a pheasant, and it all happened so fast that I tripped over her extending lead and smacked the road with my face, sending my glasses flying. I clambered up and gathered up my broken spectacles, the arm of which had snapped off and there was a deep scratch across the lens that had scraped on the ground. A car stopped as he had seen me fall and offered help. As I was talking I could taste blood in my mouth and the driver offered me a tissue. As I was within sight of home, I staggered back with both dogs really nervous of me and what had happened. My knee hurt too as I had grazed it but had not ripped my trousers.

When I got home I showed my husband what I had done and he became a first aider, finding antiseptic wipes and tweezers to remove any gravel from my wounds and put a bandage on my hand. My legs started to tremble and he made me a cup of tea, but inside my mouth, under my top lip was swollen and so I struggled to drink it while it was hot. I felt very sorry for myself and kept muttering ‘happy mothers day’ and I requested pancakes and a brandy, to make me feel better and he obliged with both and both were delicious.

It was my right side that I damaged , which rendered me pretty useless, so I had to rely on my husband more than usual while I worked out what I could and could not do – for example, he had to strip my bed which was due to be washed yesterday. I heard Joshua start to come downstairs at 11 and I was anxious about him hurting me, inadvertently of course. He stared at me, looking puzzled, as he recognised that something was different about his Mum with a bloody nose, and he chose to sit with his Dad instead, while he weighed up the situation. Later he treated me normally but at first he was definitely wary, which suited me to be honest as I was feeling fragile by this stage.

As I was walking home after my fall, I was telling myself off for being so stupid and clumsy. I need to be more careful, as Joshua needs me to be fit and well, to be able to take care of him. What if I had broken a bone? then what use would I be to Joshua? I was muttering to myself, like a mad-woman , all the way home. Luckily I was still able to take care of him and although I was wary of him hurting me more, we bumbled along well on Mother’s Day. With two out of three of us still with positive covid tests and now my fall, Mother’s Day was not really how I imagined that it was going to be but of course we tried to make the best of it.

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