Footloose and Fancy-Free

I had a really good day yesterday: it was sociable and fun, pretty much from start to finish. I woke up early as usual and I was keen to try out my new dog bone shaped cookie cutters. So I started the day baking cheese straws and shortbread, which always puts me in a good mood. Joshua joined me downstairs around 6am, when he had some Weetabix but then he chose to go back to bed. I set off at 8am , armed with two containers full of still-warm baking, and took it to my old office. I am taking part in a fund raiser for Cancer Research for which I have committed to walk 60 miles during April with my dogs, which is why I made dog-bone shaped treats. I tied Ruby, our cocker spaniel, to the radiator at work and drifted amongst my ex-colleagues, sharing news and distributing homemade treats to start their day. It was great to see everyone, but was an even better feeling to know that I was retired and I could walk away too and I found myself smiling as Ruby and I walked home.

Joshua was still asleep when I got home but he re-awakened at 10.30, full of the joys of spring. We had changed our plans for the day, due to his positive covid-19 test : he should have had the day with his Aunt, while my husband and I enjoyed our Christmas gift of a spa day, but we have now postponed that treat to next month. I had also bought 5 tickets to see the musical ‘Footloose’, taking my best friend, and her son, and sister as an early celebration of their April birthdays. We decided to still go, without Joshua , and my husband would take care of him. It was a real shame as he would have loved the high energy, lively show with lots of dancing, bright colours and pretty girls and we were on the third row so we were up really close to the action.

So going without Joshua changed the evening from what it would have been; I met my sister at 4pm, we had a cup of tea and a catch up, a browse through a department store then a delicious pasta meal in an Italian restaurant. Without my son, we were more at liberty to do what we wanted to do, rather than him. Just before the show, we met my friend and her son in the foyer and we chatted and laughed together, before taking our seats. This was the first day since I had caught Covid that I had not had my 2pm nap and so I was worried that I would nod off during the show, but it was brilliant and I was transfixed from start to finish. We all enjoyed it, so the 10pm finish, on a ‘school night’, was well worth it and we each drove our separate hour home. I am still smiling this morning about my lovely evening, which, though not exactly what was planned, was a great time. If anyone has the opportunity to see Footloose live on stage, I would heartily recommend it.

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