Blue Monday

Sometimes Mondays can feel overwhelming , as there is a whole empty week lying ahead to fill for Joshua . But today feels as though we are on the brink of some fun:

This afternoon Joshua is being assessed by a potential local respite service ; they want to meet him at home, to establish whether or not they can meet his needs. If successful, this could mark the return of monthly respite, which is something we’ve not had since February 2020. I would prefer for him to return to the provision that he used from being 18, but as yet they have been unable to fit us in due to their staffing crisis, so this alternative might give us options.

Then tonight Joshua will return to Riding for the Disabled for the first time since last October as they close for winter. I am hoping that he will remember how much he loves it and that the sun might even shine on his evening ride. He does not hold the reins but always sits so straight and looks so relaxed on horseback, even though, due to his long legs, he is placed on really tall horses, but he’s never shown any fear.

Now that Joshua has tested negative , finally in his day 16, on Wednesday he will return to daycare. While getting up and out of the door by 9.30 could prove challenging, I am certain that he has missed it and the friendly staff. If successful he will be there twice this week. On Friday my best friend is picking him up from there and he will sleep over at her house . So another first, he will be not sleeping in his own bed for the first time in 26 months. I hope that he behaves himself so that we can relax and enjoy some rare free time without him.

On Thursday we have the postponed last birthday celebration: an afternoon tea, which had to be cancelled when we all were isolating with covid. This was a 21st birthday present from a family friend and Joshua always loves a cafe, so he is bound to have fun. To buy him an experience, rather than a thing for his birthday, was a good idea.

So you can see that for someone who resists planning, this week is full of plans and I really hope that they can all go ahead. But even if they do not ALL work out, it looks like an exciting week ahead and this Monday is full of hope., rather than trepidation.

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