Question Time

When I write this blog, it is a very one-sided activity; I write from my perspective and I only write about what interests me when I wake up. Yet I enjoy reading the comments that readers write, either on the Ups & Downs Mum Facebook page or on WordPress itself. These comments give me an insight into who is reading my blog – as I have no way of knowing otherwise – and how my words are making readers feel. Yet many more people than those who comment, are reading my blog, as often in conversation, people will reveal that they know something about my life, that only blog readers would know.

So for a change, I would like to encourage more feedback from readers, either on Facebook or through WordPress, depending on where you are reading this ‘article’, by you please answering these questions :

  • Who you are and why you read my blog?
  • What, if any, topics you would like me to cover in future blogs? These could be topics that I have covered before, from a different angle, or something that I have not written about as yet.

I spent my career, 31 years, working in Market Research, asking questions and so probing for more detail is second nature to me. I did not really realise that my questions are unusual, apparently most people sit quietly listening , but I am an active listener – and reader too. I cannot resist but to interrupt with questions as they arise. I was teased for my continuous questions last week when I met with the School Mums. As we were leaving and planning another get together, one cheeky Mum said that they should all supply a detailed autobiography to me in advance, so that I can read it and prepare my questions! That made me laugh but I suspect there is an element of truth there too. Without questions, how do we learn? In asking questions, I show my interest in a story and make it more of a two-way conversation, rather than a monologue. My friend says that she can tell when I am feeling low, as I stop asking as many questions, so this interrogation must be part of my personality.

Joshua never asks me questions; that is not part of his vocabulary. He makes statements and demands, but never asks questions these days. When he was small he used to ask ” What’s that Mummy?” as a regular question, when he was curious, but he has lost that skill now.

So I look forward to your comments and questions as we try something new today…..

2 thoughts on “Question Time

  1. Hello darling This is me, your crazy Aunt Celia. I love reading your blogs – not always on the day they’re posted. So sometimes I read 2 or 3 at once! They do fascinate me & bring home to me just how well you cope with what’s thrown at you. The title “ups & downs” suits the blog perfectly. As far as I am concerned, “post” what comes into your head in the early hours & I find the variety entertaining as well as troubling sometimes. Naturally Joshua features most, the dear boy. He obviously loves you. His smiles & hugs transmit just how he does feel about you. I know you miss your Mum enormously as I do but I bet you’ve “stocked up” on the many things you’ve talked about together & enjoyed together which must be a comfort you. Keep going Much love xxx

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  2. I read because I am interested and still care to know how you all are even although I am no longer directly involved professionally


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