A Day of Freedom

I have enjoyed all of the days when Joshua has been in daycare, but some have been better than others and yesterday, was pretty perfect. I will try to tell you what made it so good:

  • It began well because Joshua woke ‘early’ himself. He heard me in the bath after my sunrise walk, soon after 8 am, and came looking for me, so he had a quick bath to start his day. Due to this we were super organised and managed to leave the house at 9.20, without rushing around, so that was a more relaxed start to the day than usual ,when I find myself nagging Joshua to cooperate. Now that we have a name for daycare, I simply said ‘Come on you are going to Play today’ and Joshua leapt into action.
  • It was a chilly but sunny morning so we chose to use my husband’s sports car to drive to daycare, which meant we could drive with the roof down. Joshua loves that windy sensation and he giggled for the entire journey, leaning out and giving everyone we saw a thumbs up en route. So he was very happy and pulled at his seat belt to get out when we arrived, so I knew he was eager to get inside. He gave me a quick hug but then I left him to it and drove home with the music playing loudly and wind in my hair too. The convertible made the hour long journey into a treat, rather than a chore
  • I stopped at a village shop on the way home and bought 2 strawberry tarts – the taste of summer – for us to enjoy when I got home for a treat. Once we had devoured them, I got straight outside to cut the grass while it was still dry as the sky had turned a dark grey colour, but I managed to get it all done and stay dry.
  • After mowing, we walked with the dogs into town for lunch out together and it was warm enough to sit outside a café with the dogs and we ordered a two course lunch each, which felt decadent. This café was on the way to the primary school where Joshua used to go and as Mums who worked part time, we would often meet for coffee or lunch at this café on a Thursday, when we were all free. When I went inside to order, one of the Mums that I used to meet up with, was in there with 2 friends and so we were able to have a catch up, as I had not really seen her properly since before lockdown. Our lunch was delicious and then we walked home again, after taking it in turns to mind the dogs and visit a couple of shops.
  • When we got home, my husband set off to collect Joshua from day care while I stayed at home preparing the spare bedroom for guests on Bank Holiday Monday – nobody has slept in there for years and so it has become a dumping ground for stuff, so that felt like a productive use of my time. I also made some sea-themed shortbread as I plan to finally meet the sea-swimming Mermaids this morning to see the set up before I join them, so I will introduce myself with biscuits. When the boys arrived home, as usual Joshua was tired and asked to go to his bed, as soon as he had taken his medication and I had removed his boots. My husband told me tales from daycare and I devoured the feedback in his diary too, so that I did not feel that I had missed out by not picking him up. He had had a breakthrough there on the eating front as , until now he has pretty much refused to eat anything but crisps, but yesterday he ate some toast that they made for him, so the staff were delighted. While Joshua slept, I started to prepare his evening meal , so that it was ready when he came downstairs after his half hour nap.
  • Joshua ate his bangers and mash and we enjoyed a lazy evening together. He was tucked up in bed, after another bath, around 9.30,so that left me some ‘me time’ to dose on the settee as it had been a busy but fun day, and one when I had covered more than 30,000 steps with my 2 walks and cutting the grass, so no wonder I needed a nap too.

This is how I imagined daycare days would be for me and while they will not all be as fun-filled, this was certainly one of the better ones. And knowing that Joshua would be having fun too, meant that I had no guilt at all about enjoying myself without him. Now that he is 21 years old, Joshua should be having his own fun separate to mine , and it means that we are both pleased to see each other after the short break, that we have a better time when we are re-united too. Due to the Easter bank holidays, he will not be back at daycare for a full week, but we are all topped up with independent fun now and now it is time for family-time together.

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