Show a Little Faith

I was very moved by the brief Good Friday service next to the village waterfall yesterday: I walked the quarter of a mile down to the waterfall, but was the first there – which is rare anytime! Some cars arrived and they unloaded a large wooden cross and propped it up against the bridge. About ten of us were there in total and the brief service consisted of one Easter hymn, accompanied with a flutist, a bible reading from the Easter story and prayers for the wellbeing of the village and for Ukraine. It was all over in 20 minutes but somehow, being outside, it felt very spiritual. I chatted to the minister afterwards and one of the villagers too, who I had not previously met, so it was a sociable service too. I plan to take Joshua to the service on Easter Sunday too, if he is awake on time, if not, I will go alone.

I rarely go to church these days, but I do consider myself to be a Christian. I certainly believe in God and in an afterlife. I also try to practice the principle of being kind to my neighbours , and strangers, whenever possible. I always attended Sunday school as a child, accompanying my Mum to church. But I rebelled briefly in my teens, when I decided to accompany my Dad on his weekly pilgrimage, to the Garden Centre instead. But that soon lost its appeal and I returned to church. It was at Church Youth Club that I first met my now husband, he was 18 and I was 17. We returned to that same Methodist Church to get married in 1995 and we had Joshua christened at our local Methodist church too. Nurses are always surprised when I complete the paperwork on his hospital admissions when I say that Joshua is Methodist, when they ask for his religion, they rarely get a positive response to that question it seems. Joshua would not know, of course, that he is a Methodist, but both of his grandmothers were active church-goers, as was his great grandfather, Fred- his middle name sake. My Uncle was a Methodist preacher, and an ancestor further back in our family history, so it seems to be a good family choice for him.

I do not believe that we need to attend a church service regularly in order to be religious, but I do feel more drawn to Church at Easter and Christmas. In the meantime, I can feel spiritual when I witness the stunning sunrises on my early walks and they set me up for the day.

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