Bossy Boots

Joshua made several vocal demands yesterday, in additions to a few requests for ‘Giraffe’ :

  • The first demand was very appropriate for Easter Sunday , as soon as he had finished his last spoonful of porridge, Joshua asked for ‘Chocolate’! I loved that as so many young people have chocolate for their Easter breakfast, don’t they? But how did Joshua know that it was Easter and how did he know that is what children do ( and some adults!)? He must be taking in more that is going on around him than I sometimes give him credit for. There have been two Easter eggs sitting in the lounge waiting for the right day and he must have taken note. In response to his request, Joshua was rewarded with a beautiful golden Lindt rabbit which our neighbour had brought to the door for him, and he devoured its ears.
  • When I came back from church, Joshua had been bathed and dressed by his Dad, and I was greeted by his next request ‘Bench’, which meant that he wanted me to go out in the garden with him to throw a ball for the dogs. Of course after such a clear request, I went into the garden and we sat, side by side, on the garden bench playing fetch with Kevin, the eager jack russell.
  • We walked to the pub for our carvery lunch, which was delicious, and it would be the furthest Joshua has walked in quite some time. He had to keep stopping to catch his breath, but he did really well. He had a couple of hours sitting at the table to recover, where he drank two orange juices, but refused any food, before we walked him home again. When we returned, Joshua was exhausted so he asked for his ‘Bed’ and I helped him upstairs to lie down. As it was a sunny afternoon, we sat outside in the garden. After about half an hour we could hear banging from inside the house. Joshua was peeping out at us from the landing window – which I have never seen him do before. I shouted up for him to come down and join us, but he kept banging the window ledge and grinning at us. In the end my husband went in to him to see what was the problem – as he goes up and down the cottage stairs all day long. It turned out that his jeans had worked loose – must be all that walking and no eating! – and they were around his ankles. Joshua wanted to come downstairs but he realised that it was not safe to do so so he summonsed help. Now how smart is that? I was delighted, and relieved ,that he had not attempted the feat while restricted.
  • Once downstairs, he realised that he was starving, so there followed a list of requests for ‘Bix’ ( Weetabix), ‘Crisps’, ‘Apple’ and finally ‘Mash’ before he was satisfied. Once he was full, he was happy to return to his rest on his bed, while listening to ‘Bruce’.

It is such a thrill to me for Joshua to use his language meaningfully in this way. I know they are all one word requests, but they are deliberately chosen words and I know exactly what he means and he tends to be rewarded with what he asks for, if it is within my power. I am hopeful that he will be encouraged to add more words to his repertoire, once he sees what he can get when he asks for it. In the past, he would largely point to what he wanted but now he is starting to work harder, so he must be rewarded, to encourage his evident progress. Onwards and upwards Mr Bossy Boots!

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