Fun Day Three

Usually the day after midazolam emergency medicine, Joshua is very lethargic ,as it stays in his system for at least 24 hours. But yesterday he was determined not to miss any of his Aunt and cousin’s visit and so he overcame the effects of the powerful drug. I had predicted that he would sleep until midday, given that he had had a restless night and had not settled until after 4am. But he must have heard my sister and I talking downstairs, as he was awake and raring to go before 9am. He had come downstairs grinning and burst into the snug to greet his visitors – he should have taken a leaf out of his cousin’s book, as she slept until after 10am. He was delighted to find his Aunt there and he enjoyed his cereal breakfast, while waving at her and giving her a thumbs up.

I had explained to him that his Dad and I were going out for the day, leaving his Aunt in charge of him and as he had waved us off, he seemed to understand and was very happy with the plan. We packed up our swimming stuff and headed off to the spa, which was our Christmas present from my sister. I did not worry about how they would get on as I had briefed her on our world of nappies, Midazolam, splints and music and on arriving at the spa, I already had photographs of a grinning Joshua with his cousin. So as I turned off my mobile and left it in my locker, I was confident that everyone would have fun and that I could swim, steam, jacuzzi and sauna with real peace of mind. I even enjoyed a massage at midday, to give my weary legs and feet a treat. While my husband had his massage, I went to my locker to check my mobile in case there had been any crisis. Quite the opposite, I was faced with a photograph of Joshua in a café with his cousin and another of him tucking into scampi and chips! I could see that all was well and so I shut my mobile off again and closed my eyes briefly in the day room until my husband returned and we got back in the water.

We had a delicious afternoon tea booked for 2.30, so the staff came to warn us in enough time, so that we could shower and get dressed, ready to go into the adjoining hotel for our treat. We devoured a 3 tiered cake stand of sandwiches, scones with jam & cream and mini cakes. We were over-faced and took some cakes home to our babysitters. We got home around 4pm to hear that Joshua had refused to nap all day ,as though he dare not close his eyes and miss out on the fun, despite looking shattered. As we were regaling them of our spa day, Joshua’s eyes were closing, so after a hug, I took him upstairs to his bed where he might have been more able to give in to sleep, but he only stayed there briefly, before he returned to join the party.

So all three of us had a wonderful day, courtesy of my sister and Joshua’s cousin. It was a very generous and thoughtful Christmas gift, not just the spa day for two, but also the offer of taking care of Joshua to enable us to go.

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