A Grand Day Out

I had another busy, fun day yesterday and those of you who are worried about me, I did not fall over once – but thank you for your concern! I met the other Mermaids down on the beach at 6.30 am, to have another swim in the sea. It is the ‘sunrise swims’ that interest me most , when the beach is empty and the sky is at its most beautiful. The sun had risen already at 6.30 but the sky was stunning still. There were about 9 ladies who had got up early to swim then and we all went into the sea together. It was much colder than the lunchtime swim I had made the day before, but my new wetsuit did its job. The waves were higher too. I loved the experience, but after 15 minutes, I was the first one to come out of the sea as my hands were numb with the cold – my new gloves are on their way today and should make all the difference. There is a real sense of camaraderie as we all got dressed again and chatted, while I handed round my baking again. I am really enjoying this new group that I have joined and I am looking forward to the next swim. I was explaining to one Mermaid that the short notice of swims, based on the tide and weather conditions, suits me well as with my life as a carer, I cannot easily predict when I might be free in advance. It suits me well to see that an event is happening today or tomorrow, then I can decide if I will attend. They did talk about a Summer Solstice Swim however as an annual event, when Mermaids either stay up all night on the beach or arrive at 4am, to see the special sunrise and I have marked that on my calendar as it sounds like a special event.

I took the dogs for a quick walk before I went home for a shower, my hands were still tingling, but I felt very alive after my early swim and my husband was eager to hear all about it. What a brilliant way to begin my fun Thursday. I had arranged to meet an old school friend for a walk at a National Trust Park an hour away from her and 90 minutes drive away for us. Joshua and I met her in the dog friendly café and we had a big hug, having not seen her for several years and she had not seen Joshua since he was a little boy. We talked non-stop in the café for about an hour before we moved on. We walked around the walled garden and the beautiful parkland, finally sitting on her picnic rug beside a lake, for more chat with a view. Joshua was on good form and he enjoyed the company and the weather was so sunny, he had pink cheeks later in the evening, as I had not expected it to be 17 degrees in April. We bought some lunch from the café and ate it on picnic benches outside, so both of our dogs were happy too.

We had a really fun day and it is so lovely when you meet up with an old friend and you still have so much to say, the years apart did not seem to matter, as we had so much to catch up on. I am hopeful that she will come and visit us at home soon as she was friends with my husband too back in the 1980s. So I drove home with a warm glow after a lovely day out together. I was pleased that Joshua joined in and was on good form, so I did not need to save my outing for a daycare day, he did not seem to mind all of the chatter and only once asked for “Car” when he had had enough.

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