Reasons to Celebrate

The 30th of April is significant this year for three key reasons :

  • It marks the last day of my April fundraiser challenge – ‘Walk 60 Miles with your Dog for Cancer Research’. Me and my dogs have walked 154 miles in April, so we thrashed even my unspoken personal target of 120 miles, so I am really proud of us. We have averaged more than 5 miles everyday and we have not missed a single day’s walking this month. But even better than our walking, we have raised £1000 for Cancer Research with everyone’s kind donations, which is incredible, so thank you for your generosity. My fund raising target was £150 initially, so we have thrashed that target too and I am delighted. I will continue my early walks as I am loving the sunrises and nature that I have witnessed, I can feel myself getting fitter and I find it a great way to start my day.
  • 30th April has always been a significant date in our family as it is my sister’s birthday today and we are meeting up for a birthday lunch later today and I cannot wait to see her and give her a big hug. As we were growing up, we were allowed to choose our own birthday tea and Mum would cook it for us. I cannot recall what her chosen main course would be, but her birthday pudding would always be Baked Alaska. Even as adults, we always tried to get together on family birthdays and either Mum or I would make her a birthday cake. I made her a Victoria sponge last night, as she requested and it just needs decorating and filling this morning before we set off. Joshua loves a family party, so he will be very happy when I tell him where he is going later, he adores his Aunt, Uncle, cousin and cousin’s fiancé, so he will be in heaven.
  • We have completed one third of 2022 already! Where did those four months just go? That is incredible to me that they year is rushing away with us and that we are hurtling towards summer and even lighter nights. Joshua began daycare back in mid -February, but with a break for a holiday and for Covid-19, he has attended just 12 times so far, but he behaves like he has gone there all of his life. He is so happy and relaxed when he arrives, giving the staff a big smile, or even hugs, as he walks through the door in the morning. This week was his first week of three days in daycare and he has loved it, even though it has worn him out.
  • So we have much to be grateful for this morning on the last day of April in 2022 and as we embark on a new month tomorrow, we will start to feel as though we are really finally leaving winter behind us. Onwards and upwards 2022 !

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