One of the Lads

Joshua was very happy yesterday as he was spending the day with some of his favourite people. Again similar to a daycare day, I only had to tell him that he was going to his Aunty’s house and Joshua leapt out of bed and was happy to get dressed. He kept repeating my sister and brother in laws names. We were going over for my sister’s birthday lunch, which this year was in a pub near them. Originally we were meeting first at her house, but then I considered that Joshua would be reluctant to leave after just ten minutes there and so we changed the plan to meet them at the pub, along with my niece and her fiancé. We had a smooth journey and arrived right on time, just as the rest of the party were getting out of the car.

Joshua spotted them all and was so excited and from inside our car he began shouting his greeting of ” Cheese…Don’t mess!” while giving them all a thumbs up. Joshua was giddy with excitement and when he got out of the car, he ran to my niece’s fiancé and gave him a big bear hug – he had not seen him since his birthday at the start of March. We all laughed as he gave the birthday girl a hug and his cousin got a thumbs up. We were a happy party of 7 who went into the pub restaurant and sat down at our table. Joshua continued to beam at his cousin’s fiancé and give him thumbs ups and flash his tummy at him. He is very tolerant of Joshua’s attention and responds well, as a result Joshua stuck to him like glue for most of the day, choosing to sit next to him on the settee when we got back to my sister’s bungalow, continuing to sit close to him when we sat outside on the patio in the sunshine, while we had tea and birthday cake. But the funniest choice that he made was that his ‘mate’ sat in a large armchair back in the lounge as it got cooler, and Joshua wedged in next to him, squeezed into the same chair and the pair stayed like that until we left.

Joshua clearly approves of his cousin’s choice of life partner and it is heartwarming to see two young men form a bond like we witnessed yesterday. Not all young men would know how to take Joshua’s affection, but he responds perfectly : joking with Joshua, talking to him and never drawing away from his attention and always responding to his flashes or thumbs ups. He has a gentle warmth that Joshua really responds to. We used to joke that they were ‘best mates’ but I think Joshua really feels that way, based on what we saw yesterday and he will love being his groomsman next year when they get married, when he will be ‘one of the lads’. Joshua does not really have any friends as such; there are young people that he mixes with at daycare but there was nobody special at school as he related more to the staff than his peers. I have always said that our dogs are Joshua’s best friends, but now he does have a new best friend . Although they do not see each other very often, they seem to pick up where they left off and it is not a one -sided friendship. I will enjoy watching this friendship develop into the future; he did not realise that when he asked my niece to marry him, that he would also gain a new admirer in Joshua but I love to see the two of them interact together.

All in all, it was a very happy family day!

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